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Latest News

  • New 232 Daffodil Line Timetable from 2nd July
    New 232 Daffodil Line timetable which comes into operation from 2nd July 2023. The timetable has only minor changes, and still offers a service every 2 hours between Ross-on-Wye, Newent and Ledbury, 7 days a week, including Friday and Saturday evenings. The small adjustments made should ensure more reliability and better punctuality.
  • Sorry We’re Late!
    The new 232 Daffodil Line has many things going for it, but so far perfect punctuality hasn’t been one of them. If you’re wondering why the bus is so often late and what we are planning to do to fix that, read on. 
  • 232 Timetable
    Timetable for the 232 Daffodil Line Ledbury – Newent – Ross on Wye. service every 2 hours, 7 days a week.