Pledge Support

Thank you for your interest in pledging a donation for our campaign to establish a regular bus service between Ross-on-Wye, Newent and Ledbury.

What’s the Difference Between a Pledge and a Donation?

With a donation, you provide money to support the activities of a charity, community group or good cause.

With a pledge, you promise to donate a certain amount of money when certain conditions are met.

In this case, you would be pledging support for the start-up costs of the 232 bus service between Ross-on-Wye, Newent and Ledbury. You will only be called on to donate the amount of money pledged when we have confirmation that the service will go ahead (sufficient funds raised, legal requirements met, a suitable operator contracted and a start date confirmed).

If you would like to pledge your support now please complete the form below. If you have questions you would like answered before you go ahead, please get in touch via email:

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.