Newent, Ross and Ledbury Transport Connections Survey

Following the withdrawal of the 32 and 132 bus services between Newent, Ross and Ledbury Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire community Rail Partnership are working with Buses4Us to gather information on local public transport needs.

Feedback from this survey can help us to work towards better public transport for the future.

Please spare a few minutes to complete the survey. Please complete once for each person affected in your household. Paper copies will be available shortly.

If you have questions please do email

3 thoughts on “Newent, Ross and Ledbury Transport Connections Survey”

  1. We live in Gorsley for 46 years and I don’t drive , so have always used the 32 bus often .
    We will have to move from the village we love because they have stopped them . No buses at weekends or bank holidays , Only the school bus running then you have to wait all day to return that’s not a service . .
    My other half is 81 this year with limited vision , Dont know how much longer he will be allowed to drive .
    Just been told of another couple that have For Sale on their bungalow they bought last year because they have taken buses away . Disgusted Gorsley Pensioner .

    • Hi Maureen,

      So sorry to hear this, but hopefully you will be able to make use of the shopper service starting tomorrow and hang on until we get a proper scheduled service to Ross and Newent back up and running.

  2. We live in Ross-on-Wye and our grandson is staying with us for a few days. What a nightmare his school is in Newent but there is no bus service to get him to school on time and then there is no bus at all to get him back to Ross after school. Public transport in England is absolutely disgraceful and needs sorting out properly this is 2023 not 1923


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