Upton Bishop Lead the Way

We love surprises and this week we’ve had a very nice one. 

With all three towns along our route: Ross, Newent, and Ledbury signed up in support of the new bus service we were just about to start work on fundraising with the villages along the route. 

Each of the towns has pledged to support us with a donation of £3 for each of their voters. £3 will be the cost of a return ticket from one town to the next. 

For parish councils representing the villages along the route, we plan to ask for £2 per voter – this is the planned return fare for a “short hop” from a village into the next town. 

We were just about to start drafting letters to the parish councils when one of our members noticed an item about bus services on the agenda for the next Upton Bishop parish council meeting. 

A few phone calls revealed that the council were indeed planning to discuss making a pledge in support of our new bus service. 

Upton Bishop is just a couple of minutes from Ross town centre on the bus, but now there is no bus; non-drivers are completely cut off from town as walking or cycling along the dual carriageway isn’t an option. 

Upton Bishop residents have been very active in our campaign right from the start. So maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised that the council took up the issue without even having to be asked. 

On Monday they voted unanimously to support the new bus service with a pledge of £2 per Upton bishop resident. £994 in total. 

So a big thank you to Upton Bishop  – for the pledge and taking the initiative and leading the way. 

Now we just have to hope that all the other parish councils along the route follow suit.

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  1. We are having a coffee morning on Saturday 4th February in the Millennium Hall 10-12am, to coincide with the Market To Your Door van. There will be craft activities for children too. Would this be an opportunity for you to publicise the campaign?


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