About us

We are a community action group working for better public transport in North West Gloucestershire and South Herefordshire. 

For over 70 years the towns of Ross-on-Wye, Newent and Ledbury, and the surrounding villages, were linked by regular public transport services. 

In February 2022 our transport links were cut with minimal notice. Our bus services had been in place for so long that they were part of the local infrastructure. People relied on them for work, school, shopping and just living their daily lives. 

Though the government has provided large “Bus Improvement” grants to some counties recently, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire have not benefitted, so we can’t rely on our county councils alone to replace our lost bus services. 

At buses4us we believe good public transport is vital for communities and for the climate.

So we are working to put back proper public transport for our little bit of the world. 

We aim to break the downward spiral of diminishing bus services and diminishing passenger numbers in our communities by raising funds and working with local authorities, businesses and communities to restore the bus service between Newent, Ross on Wye and Ledbury. We aim to have a regular, 7 days a week service,  that meets the needs of previous bus users and encourages new passengers to choose the bus over private cars for more journeys. 

We’ll then work to publicise and promote the new route and drive passenger up-take with a clear “Use it or Lose it” message.

With support from local councils and local businesses, we have successfully arranged a shopper bus service to offer a lifeline to residents in villages left with little or no public transport. 

We are now looking to raise £250,000 to restore the regular bus link between our three towns and we would very much welcome your support.